About The conference

The Purpose of (ICCEDE-2020) is to bring together vibrant Cyber security stakeholders who share a passion for research, innovation, solution development partners, end-users and students around the world and explore the challenging prospects and resolutions in the emerging digital transformation.
Global digital transformation is creating new foundation of competitive advantage on all businesses, private/ and public services, and social front. In the present era ICT enabled applications and services with hyper connectivity and emerging computing power revolutionizing organizations practices. All the business models striving towards long term vision with converged mobile-computing enabled services, artificial intelligence based processes and algorithmic analysis along with increasing social media presence. However this digital transformation evolving with increased risks calls security solutions that can adapt changes with constant growth. Day by day digital applications and Services are growing in all the domains from public to private, commercial to human-centric where Cyber security and Trust Management is still big thrust for researchers, industry experts and solution providers.

Objective of ICCEDE2020

Following are the objectives to organize a 2 days conference

• To provide open platform for International community researchers and industry experts to share innovations for secure    and trusted digital transformation.
•  To reduce the gap between Cyber security understanding and practices.
• To bring together cyber security stakeholder like solution providers, researchers end-users by exhibiting cutting edge     technologies to understand the gap between innovations and their implementation
• Special Session for youth(School/College going students) to increase the awareness and recognize the value of cyber     security and trust management in Digital age
• Youth Motivation by cyber security Project/poster Presentations.