Our Collections

G L Bajaj Central Library has developed an excellent collection of books, journals and non-book material in science, engineering, technology, humanities, social sciences and management. Collection building – a core activity of the library, has been undergoing a transformation. From print-only environment where all our acquisitions were in hard copy format, it has shifted to print-and-online and to online-only formats. However, most of books, both text and reference, are still preferred in print-only. The library collection comprising of books, journals, thesis, reports and other reading material as follows:
Central Library provides fully air-conditioned & Wi-Fi enabled world-class learning environment. The Library has well-developed book stack, reference section and digital library which makes studying a unique and a lifetime experience.

Collection As on 30/11/2019
Book Volumes 89567
Book Titles 7972
Print Journals 103
E- Journals 1000
E- Books (Online + Archives) 1228
Back Volumes 396
Bound Volumes 331
Newspapers 14
Magazines 15
CD/DVD 6409
Conference Proceedings 21
Thesis 5
Reports 30
Question Papers 13yrs.
Video Lectures 211
NPTEL Archive 918 Courses
Project Reports 1879+
Reference Collection 7972+