MEDCOM 2020 | International Conference on Smart Communication and Imaging Systems
International Conference MEDCOM2020

International Conference
Modern Electronics Devices and Communication systems
Organised by
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida
Oct 29th - 31st, 2021

MEDCOM 2021 GL Bajaj

Call For Paper

International Conference on Modern Electronics Devices and Communication systems (MEDCOM 2021) will be organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida, on Oct 29th - 31st, 2021. The aim of MEDCOM 2021 Conference is to provide an International forum for Scientists, Engineers, researchers, developers, and academia to address and exchange their recent research results, ideas, theories, technologies, systems, tools and different applications on all modern sustainable engineering technologies. MEDCOM 2021 invites authors to submit their original and unpublished work that demonstrates current research in all areas of Modern Electronics devices and their applications in communication systems. Full length original and unpublished papers, based on theoretical and experimental contributions, related, but not limited to the following tracks, are solicited for presentation and publication in the conference:

Innovation and Research in a broad area of Electronics and communication Engineering needs to enhance its capabilities for recent challenges. In this contemporary era of Modern Electronics Devices and Communication Systems it has consistently been basic to develop more sustainable electronics and communication systems to fulfil the expanding innovative needs. To effectively maintain a sustainable environment and communication technologies, it is constantly needed to meet the quality of service requirements of the emerging smart ICT applications. In this perspective, this 2nd International Conference brings together the state-of-the-art research works to propose novel architectures, models, and algorithms for solving the emerging challenges in almost all the areas of sustainable electronics and communication technologies. Real time analysis in communication system and VLSI Design along with prerequisite controls with AI/ML will be more attraction in this conference

The goal of MEDCOM 2021 Conference is to provide an International forum for Scientists, Engineers and Academia to address recent research results and to present their ideas, theories, technologies, systems, tools and different applications on all sustainable engineering technologies.

Track 1: Communication

Next Generation Networks
  • 5G, Massive MIMO, LPWAN, Network on Chip
  • Wireless Mobile And Optical Broadband
  • Fog/Cloud-Based IoT Architectures
  • SDR, SDN, SON, and Cognitive Radio
  • Spectrum Sensing And Management
  • Machine-To-Machine, Device-To-Device, Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications
  • NB-IoT, IIoT, IoV
  • Real Life Applications of IoT
Satellite, Radar and Microwave Techniques
  • MIMO Systems
  • Microwaves and RF Devices and Circuits
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMI
  • Satellite/Deep Space and Underwater Communication Systems, Networks/Networking
  • IP Over Satellite, Multimedia Broadcast and Streaming
  • Target Detection and Tracking
  • Modeling, Design and Synthesis of Metamaterial/Metasurfaces
  • Multiband, Adaptive and Configurable Antenna
Secure, Smart, and Reliable Networks
  • AI/ML for Smart/Intelligent Communication Networks
  • Protocols and Methods for Network Security, Reliability and Energy Efficiency
  • Security, Privacy, and Data Integrity
  • Radio Resource, Network and Service Management and Control
  • Mobility and Location Management
  • Performance Evaluation Issues and Methods

Track 2: Applied Electronics and Embedded Systems

  • Bio sensors and Biomedical Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics and Automations
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Embedded System design
  • Optoelectronic Devices and Transducers
  • Neuromorphic Devices and Spintronic Devices

Track 3: Signal Processing and Imaging Systems

  • Signal processing theory and methods, signal processing for communications, signal processing over graphs and networks, nonlinear signal processing.
  • Signal processing for Big data and Internet of things, application of DSP in remote sensors.
  • Medical Imaging - Neuro-Imaging Modalities, MRI, PET, SPECT, CT, Ultrasound, EEG, MEG, NIRS etc.
  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Image Segmentation in Normal and Clinical Populations
  • Pattern Analysis and Classification of Images using AI/ML/DL techniques
  • Computational Modelling and Analysis of Real-life Images
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Computer and Machine Vision
  • High-end Imaging Devices and Techniques

Track 4: Microelectronics and VLSI Design

  • Semiconductor device simulation and modelling
  • Low power Analog, Digital and mixed signal IC Design
  • Simulation Synthesis and Verification of Integrated Circuits
  • VLSI Architectures and Algorithms
  • System on Programmable Chip Design, HDL (VHDL,Verilog etc.)
  • ASIC Design, Testing and Design for Testability (DFT)
  • Asynchronous circuit design and memory design

Track 5: Control systems

  • Linear and nonlinear systems
  • Motion control Optimal
  • Stochastic and Multivariable Control Estimation, Stochastic control
  • Control application Guidance and control theory
  • Industrial control, Intelligent and Al based control
  • Networks optimization, Optimization Process control and instrumentation
MEDCOM 2020 | GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management