Embedded Solutions is an Electronics project development, product design and services. We are working on Industrial projects and the amazing capabilities of Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems captured our imagination. We provide software development and consulting services for all aspects of your embedded product design. This includes requirements analysis, design, implementation and support. We also provide per incident support for specific questions or problems. No software runs without hardware, we can help you with all steps of your product development starting from requirements engineering, development, testing, certification and production. We focuses primarily on Embedded Systems Research & Development, Electronics Product Design, providing Customized Embedded Solutions & Services. Hardware design not only requires technical competence but also the ability to execute development projects in a short period of time and at high quality. TID has high experienced team in advanced electronic design. We will ensure the best possible outcome by collaborating with your internal team to design and build the highest quality performance solutions for your demanding environments. We provides complete end-to-end Embedded Design Solutions. We empowering individuals and companies to maximize efficiency through the use of technological products that are appropriate for their particular situation. To that end, the TID-embedded solutions offers products such as embedded technologies along the lines of microprocessors and other devices that can be embedded in different units. We offer our expertise right from concept to product features, prototypes development to production and service to our valuable clients. TID has its own labs and design tools, so we can develop products from specification to finished product. We offer a complete range of services for streamlining every phase of a development project.


Preliminary studies

Requirements analysis and specifications

Prototype development

Test and certification


Transfer to production

Production management

Training and information dissemination

Product support and maintenance