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Ideation Challenge

" An initiative to encourage student innovations" Inter-disciplinary teams are encouraged.

Last Date of Registration 16th January, 2017


Making a Splash - Sharing Ideas

Sink or Swim - Supporting Ideas

Running the Rapids - Idea Growing

Surfing the Wave - Approved Idea

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Innovation and Incubation Awareness Camp (InCube-2016)

The event is scheduled on Saturday, 30th July 2016. It is being organized by ‘Technology Incubation and Development’ (TID) Center, Deptt. of ECE with support of ‘Design Innovation Center’, Deptt of ME and ‘Microsoft Innovation Center’. The event will also have active participation of Litbox, Kanpur.

Workshop on “How to come up with innovative project and make a good entrepreneurial proposal” Saturday, 30th July, 2016


Importance of being innovative in today’s technology driven world

Technology Incubation – converting idea to product

Incubation and Funding Opportunities.

To understand Entrepreneurship and its journey.

How to generate Entrepreneurial Idea(s).

Customer Validation Exercise

How to make a good business proposal.

Workshop Schedule
09:15 – 10:30 AM Understanding Next Gen Innovation and Entrepreneurship

- How to generate idea – An Exercise

- NextGen Entrepreneurship

10:30-12:30 Idea Pitching and Team Formation

Intoducing to Javelin Experiment Board

- Stakeholders Analysis

- Problem Statement

- Hypothesis formation

12.30-1.30 Break
01:30-2:30 Hands on to Javelin Experiment Board

- Pivot/Learnings

- Case Study

- Solution Concept

02:30-03:30PM Exercise: Business Model Canvas (BMC)
03:30-04:30PM How to make best use of your college days

Incubation Process

Funding Stages and Opportunities


1. Mr. Ankit Machhar, Manager-Ecosystem Development, iCreate

2. Mr. Swarup Pandya, Executive-Business Development Services, iCreate

3. Mr. Umang Agarwal, Business Development officer, NxG Ventures


We are pleased to announce the launch of Technology Incubation and Development (TID) Center at G.L. Bajaj institute of technology and management in association with Electronkits on 5th Feb. 2016. The center is focused on incubation of technology to develop innovative solutions for industry and society. This center will cater to multiple domains. To name a few


Internet of thing

As Internet connectivity gets embedded into everything from baby monitors to industrial sensors, investors, entrepreneurs and engineers are rushing to cash in. According to Experts, Internet of Things (IoT) vendors will earn more than $350 billion by 2020

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wearable computing gadgets & BCI

Activity tracker
Smart watch
Smart glasses
Wearable clothing
Health Tracker

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Electronic hardware engineering

Perform board level circuit design and development.
Design test and development of new products.
Modification of existing products.
Improvement of existing products.
Manage prototype builds with contract manufacturers.
Technology:- Verification IPs, System verilog, FPGA based design, SOC

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Embedded solutions

Embedded Solutions is an Electronics project development, product design and services. We are working on Industrial projects and the amazing capabilities of Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems captured our imagination

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CNC and Industrial Automation

Our Technology partners are Known for timely execution, our services are cost effective and executed as per international quality standards.

Their expertise in this domain, we also undertake PLC and CNC based services for Industrial Automation Project.

These services are the most reliable way of increasing performance and working life of PLC and CNC.

Services offered in factory automation and control in operations:

Control programming and software solutions

GUI / HMI, algorithms, and networking

Implementation of factory-wide controls

Testing and validating control systems

Hardware – software integration

Plant-to-enterprise integration

Machine interfaces

Assembly-line automation

Motion, servo / position control algorithms

Global support, trouble-shooting, and help-desk

CNC Router

CNS laser

CNC Retrofitting

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Data Acquisition Device

Special purpose machines (SPM)

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RF component fabrication

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Big data analytics & cloud based

In support with center for Big Data analytics & Microsoft innovation Center (MIC) Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new business development opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

• Health care

• Retail

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Web solutions and mobile apps

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Facility for entrepreneurs and startups

•Entrepreneur business skill development.

• Identification of appropriate technology.

• Hands on experience on the working Projects.

• Projects/Products selection and opportunity guidance.

• Facilitation on fund management through Banks.

• Interaction with project suppliers for machine technology supply.

• Complete guidance to set up an enterprise.

• Facilitation on project report preparation and credit availability.

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The objectives of TID are grouped under two perspectives

For students

• Technical assistance to work on their innovative ideas leading to entrepreneurship

• Live projects from industry can be taken by the students with technical skills as needed.

• Projects for hands-on practice and opportunity for internship leading to enhanced job opportunity

• General equipment, components, previous projects made available for Knowledge transfer.

For Industry

• Accelerate the development of new products through test-beds and prototypes\proof of concept.

• Share the training load of industry.

• Technical resource pool in the form of faculty and trained development services

Customer base

Our customer base includes a broad range of embedded vertical markets such as Automotive, Education, Electronics Design & Manufacturing, Energy, Home & Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Semiconductor & Telecom

Training at TID

Training at TID

Practical training supported by project development is the best way to acquire technical skills as per industry needs. It helps to understand all the concepts related to a particular field and learn their practical implementation. Technology Incubation and Development (TID) Center run by Department of ECE at GLBITM, through its industry partners, offers high quality training on technologies as per industry needs. The content and duration can be customized depending on the needs of the trainee and the employer.Our focus areas for training are

Embedded Design for IoT

i/o interfacing with microcontrollers GSM, WiFi, Ethernet connectivity Cloud based IoT platformDevice registration and control by decision making

Digital Signal Processing with C/C++ and MATLAB

Filter design using Code composer & MATLAB Interfacing and real time simulation with DSP boards Image/audio/video processingCommunication system design and analysis

RF Antenna Design and Microwave Engineering

Design and fabricate the RF and microwave components for modern wireless communication applications Enhance the bandwidth of conventional microstrip antenna Reduce the size of conventional microstrip antennaDesign multiband microstrip antenna Design reconfigurable microstrip antenna Enhance the gain of the antenna

Digital System Design and VLSI

VHDL/Verilog based digital system design FPGA based implementation of digital logic System Verilog for advanced verification ASIC Verification SOC/PSOC design System C

Current Activities

Workshop Series on Fundamental & Embedded Electronics


mHealth TestBed (In collaboration with AIIMS, Delhi)- Prototype stage Technology Partner: TechAditya, LitBox

AquaTest (an IoT based real time water quality monitor)- Prototype stage Technology Partner: Litbox, Electronkits

Remote Vehicle Security-Prototype stage Technology Partner: MRDC (To be presented to Hero Motors)

SmartBin (an innovation for Clean Environment)-Concept stage Project conceptualized by Mr. Sanu Priye, 2nd Year ECE SmartTransport (smart solution for emergency services and roadblocks) – Proof of Concept stagee-Streetlights

• Traffic light control for emergency services

• Traffic Advisory for underpass waterlogging and railway crossing Technology Partner: Xinoe Systems, TechAditya

Brain-Computer Interface-Proof of Concept stage Technology Partner:Electronkits

. “Performance Evaluation of WLAN in an E-Learning Classroom Network using NS-2”. “Offline Signature Verification System for Banking Sector” to be implemented at Zila-Sehkari Bank Branch. “Implementation of WIMAX for Traffic Management through Ambient Sensing

• Technical resource pool in the form of faculty and trained development services


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