13 Oct,2018

Techno-Cultural fest , Technokriti 2018

The Techno-Cultural fest , Technokriti 2018, was organized with full fervor and zeal by the Innovative and creative cell of #GLBajaj In the campus.  Brands like PAYTM, HACKEREARTH, CERTSTORE and CAREER LAUNCHER  pupported and the sponsors and the event turned out to be huge a success.
With more than 40 fun filled yet brain numbing, adventurous events and activities the fest offered 2 days of full fervor as the participants exhibited great enthusiasm all around and participated with great passion. Technokriti marked its end with the prize distribution for the winners of the various events, the prize distribution ceremony was organized on the second day i.e on 13th October 2018. 
The departments were given the opportunity to arrange for the various events. 
The Dept. of  Computer Science  organized following events successfully:
This “EAT SLEEP CODE REPEAT” mantra game was the highlight of the whole event, a 24 hour event which witnessed the participation of various teams from the college as well as other teams, that put their brainy cells to code for the win and make a presentation of their work on the very next day to our judges for the further analysis of their work.
To all the marvel and GOT fanatics, this event was like a stress booster and a platform to showcase their freaky crazy side and their dedication towards their favorite icons.
Grab those pen or whatever right beside you and doodle up your thoughts, well this event surely was a fun-tastic one for those who can’t put a full stop to their crazy yet creative mind.
For the gamers out there who know how to control every movement of  digital body, and to those crazy millennials who seem to care way too much about those scores and their SQUAD, that shows great unity, one of the most awaited event that showed active participation of the members and kudos to the winner, aka “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER’
Bring out the detective in you and get going with those clues and task given to win the game. Hunt for the treasure and chase to win, crazy- fun tasks to complete and get going with the very next clues for the completion of this game. This event was filled with enthusiasm and it did end with a whole lot of positive energy.
One special event for those nerds out there who love to sit in front of the screen and type out their crazy creative codes and get going with their innovative work to be done. Sitting in front of the laptop and giving your ideas a flow through path, an event for the nerdy-nerdy-nerds and the coders, it did see active participation of the students and concluded with the well deserving winners.
The department of Information Technology along with their coordinators succeeded in organizing the various events:
The event that was basically a quiz to test your general knowledge and logic along with your willingness to go for an academic event and perform with such confidence, this event did mark a great success along with active participation.
To take a picture and mold it in your own way, you need skills. And this particular event was for those who could sit right in front of a screen move the mouse a side or two, press up a button or more and enhance the photo given to them, testing their creative and technical skills the event ended up with a huge success.
To hold a camera and to make a Movie are two different things, to pick up a camera and use it to portray a story is a skill, and testing this skill this event was organized by the IT department, taking p the topic of social issues for their short movie this particular event turned out to be way more exciting because of the presence of supporting audience.
Puzzle contests are popular competitions in which the objective is to solve a puzzle within a given time limit, and to obtain the best possible score among all THE CONTESTANTS TO WIN THE GAME.
A LAN party is a temporary gathering of people with computers or game consoles, between which they establish a local area network, primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games. Once again, a gaming event for those dedicated gamers who showed active participation with great zeal.
To test one skills about coding this was one of the most interesting and exciting event to be held, with a blank screen and not being aware about what the outcome will be of your typed in code and trusting your skills and “TYPING”, one surely did get a lot of adrenaline during the whole event.
The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized following events successfully:
Grab those wires spread around and get those hands busy designing a circuit that you’re most familiar with, make it work and make it innovative, that’s all you needed to win the game.
To those crazy-yet-dedicated cricket fans out there, this was an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills and their ability to form a team worth the price and within the price given to them, how to adjust a budget and bring up the best team possible one had to go through a lot of thinking and get going with their work, the best and the most efficient team takes the trophy home.
Get going with all your MATLAB knowledge and showcase your skills to win it. One of the most interesting and mind numbing event that witnessed a great participation from students.
The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized following events:
A PowerPoint slideshow is generally considered very easy to create, as no knowledge of design is required to create slideshows. PowerPoint slideshows can include embedded images, audio and video to provide better visual impact. PowerPoint slideshows are also flexible, allowing presenters to customize the slides to fit their needs. Microsoft provides many standard templates and themes for PowerPoint slideshows in order to help presenters in developing slides. But to take up the stage and present what you wrote is a big deal and does require confidence, the students showcased their skills a=and worked out this event pretty well.
The debate was held on the topic “OUTCOME BASED LEARNING” one of the most heated topic for a debate among college students, the students were judged on the criteria that included their confidence, their speech, clarity and content.
The department of Civil Engineering along offered flowing activities:
To make one personal model and got up on stage and narrate each and every little specifics of their work requires a creative mind with great kills and this event did test that, with such active participants and such talented not to mention skilled this event looked up to a great success.
To confuse one’s mind and then to test its functioning and analyzing ability is what this event was for, giving a fun twist to such an intellect event was surely an innovative idea. 
To be given a topic “ON THE SPOT” and being asked to speak about it within a minute. It requires great talent to execute such a task, and this event did take in consideration the very nurturing talent of the students and direct it into such a direction to get their thinking cells on the work wheel.
The department of Mechanical Engineering organized following activities:
Automobile quiz
To test one’s knowledge about the vehicles they crazily drive on the road, and to understand its specifics this event was taken into consideration, With such an active participation it did look up to a great success.
To have stable hands and to let them work on a particular model takes skills and these skills and talent were showcased by the students during this event.
The students were given a task to showcase their skills with CAD and the best one was to be selected as the winner.
The department of Master of computer applications along with their coordinators succeeded in organizing the various events
Tech cocktail
Mystery box
Bug bounty
Code auction
Logo nature
Mini militia
Query hunter

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