Value Education Cell

GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida has established a well-functioning Value Education Cell. This dedicated unit is committed to fostering values and ethics among our students, helping them develop into responsible and compassionate individuals. Our goal is to make someone think about the core values such as honesty, integrity, respect, empathy, responsibility, and tolerance in our students' daily lives.

Value Education Cell organizes various activities, workshops, and seminars that promote awareness and understanding of values and ethics. These initiatives always help our students navigate complex moral dilemmas and develop strong character traits that will guide them throughout their lives. We believe that values education is an essential part of holistic development, and it goes beyond academic knowledge. Our well-qualified and dedicated team is working closely with students, staff, faculty members, and external experts as well to create a supportive and engaging environment for students.

We invite everyone to actively participate in the activities organized by the Value Education Cell, as they are designed to encourage reflection, discussion, and personal growth. By collaborating and learning together, we can make a profound impact on our community and society at large. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the positive impact that our Value Education Cell will have on our students’ lives. Let us join hands and embrace the values that will shape a brighter future for all.

Team Members of Value Education Cell
Dr. Manas Kumar Mishra
Director – GL Bajaj ITM
Dr. Jay Singh
Professor – Dept. of EEE
Mr. Ranjish Khare
Assistant Professor – Dept. of MBA
Dr. Upendra Dwivedi,
Associate Professor – Dept. of CSE
Dr. Rupa Rani Sharma,
Associate Professor – Dept. of ASH
Dr. Sudha Swaroop,
Assistant Professor – Dept. of MBA

Events under Value Education Cell

Event Name Date Related Documents
A session on Mental health and adversity 06 Dec, 2023 View Document
Importance of breathing and its changing pattern 02 Dec, 2023 View Document
Celebration of International Yoga Day 21st June 2023 View Document
Three days event on Work-Life Balance 1st June to 3rd June 2023 View Document
Session on Yoga and Meditation 13-Apr-23 View Document
Celebration of International Yoga Day 21-Jun-22 View Document
A Step Towards Fitness
5th Feb. 2022 View Document
Expert talk on “Human Value for Excellence 18-Feb.2022 View Document
One-day staff training program on “Understanding and
Realization of Basic Human Aspiration”
25th Jan. 2022 View Document
FDP on Moral Value Attitude & Workplace Behavior 27-31, July 2021 View Document
Expert Lecture on Meditation 30-Jun-21 View Document
AICTE STTP (Phase-III) on Moral Value, Attitude and Behavior Sciences 8-13 March 2021 View Document
AICTE STTP (Phase-II) on Moral Value, Attitude and Behavior Sciences 22-27 Feb. 2021 View Document
AICTE STTP (Phase-I) on Moral Value, Attitude and Behavior Sciences 8-13 Feb. 2021 View Document
Lecture on "Breath and Mind Management" 25Jan.2021 View Document
Meditation “Be with yourself” 11 Jan. 2021 View Document
Refresher Program on Innovation and Creativity in Teaching Learning Process 2-7 July-18 View Document


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