Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduate of the program will be able to:

PEOs 1 - Work as software professional, manager, technical lead and/or pursue higher studies.
PEOs 2 - Undertake professional responsibilities through strong team work, communication skills and lifelong learning.
PEOs 3 - Relearn and innovate for globally competent environment using latest technologies.
PEOs 4 - Exhibit professional ethics and moral values to serve the society and contribute towards the nation building.


PSOs 1 - Students will be able to exhibit theoretical aspects of computer science and engineering in the development of models and solutions.
PSOs 2 - Student will be able to apply knowledge of computational processes, networks and software systems in diverse areas.
PSOs 3 - Student will be able to demonstrate their skills in the area of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics through project based learning.


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