Faculty Development Programme

With the growing needs of different sectors in the industry it is important to enhance and develop the skill set of the faculty and staff within the institution.

These programs are aimed at building attitude towards teaching and developing teaching skills and proficiency. The institute also promotes the faculty to pursue higher studies. Along with that we encourage the faculty to participate in conferences, seminars/workshops or short term training programs.

The institute invites renowned personalities from the academia and industry to conduct faculty development programs. They are invited from time to time to conduct FDPs on the latest topics.

FDPs conducted:

  • Next Generation Networks - FDP , 24 Feb,2018
    Faculty Development Program was conducted on 24th & 26th feb 2018,organized by ICEIT Student chapter & MTT-S of Department of Eletronics & Communication Engineering, GLBITM. This program was carried out in 3 different sessions. On 24th feb session was conducted on Next Generation Networks by Mr. Abhishek Gupta,Senior Division Engineer of ALTTC, Ghaziabad. During this session he disscused about comparative study of networks, installation of networks and its working environment in Telecom. Second session was conducted in the mornging 26th feb 2018 by Dr. Satyendra Sharma ,HOD,ECE Department, GLBITM. He discussed about the Experimental appoarch for planning & designing a mobile netwoks, elaborated the session with the design aspects of antenna its application in defense and more areas. The last session was conducted in the afternoon 26th feb 2018 by Dr. A K Gautam,Professor,ICT Dept,Gautam budh university. He disscusted about the basics of Microstrip antenna & its applications.
  • Significance of e-Learning / Blended Learning in Today's Scenario, 30 Jan,2018
  • Android Developer Fundamentals , 18 Dec,2017
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning, 21 Nov, 2017
  • Higher Education, Research and Entrepreneurship, 26 Dec, 2016
  • Coaching The Coach On Entrepreneurship Development, 23 Dec, 2016
  • Journey Through the Black Board, 20 Dec, 2016
  • Microsoft Sponsored Faculty development program on Cloud Computing , 18 - 19 March, 2016
  • From e-government to e-governance in India: Issues and challenges by Dr. Malathi Subramanian. (Ex principal Daulat Ram College)
  • Engineering in the 21st Century by Prof. Rajeev Gupta. (Prof. University of Michigan)
  • Introduction to Computational Biology by Dr. A. K. Chari. (Asst Prof. JNU School of IT)
  • Emerging Technologies by Prof. Dr Rakesh Goel. (Dir RKGITW) FDP by Wipro-Mission 10x
  • Shared responsibilities, improved communications and co-ordination.
  • Introduction to Computational Biology by Dr. A.K. Chari. (Asst Prof. JNU School of IT) on 31 Jan 2009. 
  • Wireless Communication: Future Trends and Challenges 19th Jan 2009,Dr. Rajeev Agrawal 
  • Technical Talk by Prof T. Vishwanathan 14th Feb 2009
  • Lecture on 'Teaching Methodology' by Prof K.S Mehta
  • Lecture on 'Motivation' by Prof Manoj Kumar .


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