13 Sep,2023

Workshop on Demonstration of Websim

On September 13, 2023, the Department of Applied Computational Science and Engineering hosted an enlightening workshop on "Demonstration of Websim." This report provides an overview of the demonstration of the WebSim ERP Portal to the deaprtment faculties. The objective of this demonstration was to familiarize the faculties with the functionality and capabilities of the WebSim ERP Portal and explore potential educational use cases within the college.
Workshop Overview:
Key Highlights of the Demonstration:
1. User-Friendly Interface: The demonstration began with an introduction to the user-friendly interface of the WebSim ERP Portal. The interface was designed for ease of use, enabling faculties to navigate and access information effortlessly.
2. Educational Modules: A particular focus was given to modules that can be tailored for educational institutions. These modules included student enrollment, course scheduling, faculty management, and student performance tracking. The ERP system can help colleges manage administrative tasks more efficiently.
3. Real-Time Data Updates: The ERP system's ability to provide real-time updates on student records, enrollment statistics, and financial data was highlighted. This real-time access to information can be valuable for faculty members and administrators when making informed decisions.
4. Customization and Scalability: The flexibility of the ERP system to adapt to the unique needs of educational institutions was showcased. The system can be customized to suit the college's specific requirements and can scale as the college grows.
5. Security Features: The importance of data security and access controls within the ERP system was emphasized. Student and faculty data is kept secure through encryption and access restrictions to protect sensitive information.
6. Training and Support: Information on the training and ongoing support services provided by the WebSim team was presented. Faculty members can receive comprehensive training to maximize their use of the ERP system.


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