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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - AIML) at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management was established in the year 2020 with a vision to develop quality education and a research environment to enable the students to become professionals contributing towards the betterment of the society. CSE - AIML enables students to master data modelling, data mining, data management, predictive analytics, data visualization, augment reality, human computer interaction and cognitive sciences. A graduate in CSE AIML can opt to become an algorithm specialist, a data scientist, a computer vision scientist, a business intelligence developer and a research scientist. CSE-AIML can cover prominent industries like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, logistic management and cyber security. Department's mission is to make the graduates technically sound in advanced learning systems that are based on algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Course Duration Affiliation Approvals
B.Tech 4 years Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University AICTE

The Department offers

The Department offers four years Bachelor’s Degree Program in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) with an intake of 180.

GPUs 8x NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs
GPU Memory 320 GB total
Performance 5 petaFLOPS AI 10petaOPS INT8
NVIDIA NVSwitches 6
System Power Usage 6.5kW max

Dual AMD Rome 7742, 128 cores total, 2.25 GHz(base), 3.4 GHz (max boost)

System Memory 1TB

8x Single-Port Mellanox
ConnectX-6 VPI
200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand
1x Dual-Port Mellanox
ConnectX-6 VPI


OS: 2x 1.92TB M.2 NVME drives
Internal Storage: 15TB
(4x 3.84TB) U.2 NVME drives

Software Ubuntu Linux OS
System Weight 271 lbs (123 kgs)
Packaged System Weight 315 lbs (143kgs)
System Dimensions

Height: 10.4 in (264.0 mm)
Width: 19.0 in (482.3 mm) MAX
Length: 35.3 in (897.1 mm) MAX

Temperature Range

5°C to 30°C (41°F to 86°F)

AI & ML Supported Infrastructure Facilities - NVIDIA DGX A100

The Department has an established NVIDIA AI Learning and Research Centre in collaboration with NVIDIA. The AI Research Centre comprises of High-End Computing facility with NVIDIA DGX A100 server, which is a High-End AI Supercomputer. The DGX A100 is world's first 5 petaflops AI system build on NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU's, Integrating 8 A100 GPUs with 320GB GPU memory. The establishment of research centre has led researchers to pursue AI and Machine Learning based Research work and projects, important for upcoming society needs.

The Degree program is spread over four years with two semesters in each year. Students study five theory courses and work on assignments in two or three laboratory courses in each semester. The first year of engineering is common to all disciplines. The students learn basic courses in Computer Science and Engineering, such as Discrete Structures, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Digital Electronics, Theory of Computation and Microprocessors in second year of engineering. The courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Techniques, Analysis of Algorithms, Databases, Software Engineering, Computer Networks etc. are offered in third year engineering. Students present seminar on topic as per their interest and also carry out a mini project in a group of three/four students during their second and third year of engineering. In the final year engineering students not only study core courses such as Distributed systems, Object Oriented Modelling, Advanced Computer Architecture but also choose elective courses as per their interest. Students’ also carryout project work geared to the needs of the industry.

Career Options:

• Machine Learning Engineer
• Research Scientist
• Software analysts and developers
• Data Engineer


Major Recruiters


Plot No.2 , APJ Abdul Kalam Road, Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201306

Helpline No. 8010-000-234