The Final year project is a compulsory module defined as an original exercise to be completed individually and defend before awarding final year degree. It is a professional project on Informatics Engineering Technology that synthesizes and integrates competence acquired throughout degree programme.

007 F-ROBO
The project “007 F-ROBO” is basically to control an unmanned vehicle wirelessly with the help of a Bluetooth module. Students created an android application which will provide a GUI for user for controlling this robot. It will perform a basic locomotion task, Apart from that it has a “flame sensor “attached with it which will detect the raise in temperature in any particular place. It will detect raise in temperature more than 70degree c, hence after detecting this temperature raise a fan attached with it will run accordingly in order to demolish the fire.

This project synopsis documents the process of designing, building & testing a software system to be used for child vaccination. This e-vaccination project is developed to solve the problem regarding child vaccination record for Parents. The main aim of this project is to create a working web system which can send the alert in form of mail/message to the client for the child & other registered users for maintaining the record of vaccination for those who are registered in the e-vaccination web site.The project uses Xampp server which is open source software for connecting both the app and web application having the common database. Web application is integrated with Xampp server while the android app is running on its own platform Android Studio.

Drone Robotic System
The project includes a ground robotic vehicle that is accessed through a laptop or a mobile phone wirelessly. The robot is controlled through a window application and android application in laptop and mobile respectively.
The project is to control a robot through wi-fi or Bluetooth wirelessly. The robot is in the form of vehicle, which contains its required hardware DC motors, micro controller (Arduino UNO), and other circuit requirements.

Focused Web Crawler
The World Wide Web continues to grow at an exponential rate, so fetching information about a special-topic is gaining importance which poses exceptional scaling challenges for general-purpose crawlers and search engines. Web search engines deployed two types of web crawling strategies namely, “breadth” first search and “best” first search. The “best” first search strategy retrieves only those pages which are pertinent to a given topic. Crawler which uses a “best” first search strategy is identified as a “focused crawler”.TF-IDF, term frequency – inverse document frequency, is a mathematical statistic. It calculates importance of a word to a document in a corpus. Top k pages i.e. seeds for given query is provided by TF-IDF ranking algorithm.

Modernization of the financial system is a milestone in protecting the economic prosperity, and maintaining social harmony.The main objective of this project is fake currency detection and recognition using the image processing. Fake currency detection is a process of finding the forgery currency.
Image processing based currency recognition technique consists of few basic steps like image acquisition, its preprocessing and finally recognition of the currency. Image processing generally involves three steps:
1. Import an image with an optical scanner or directly through digital photography.
2. Manipulate or analyze the image in some way.
3. Output the result.

Game OORAH is a complete work of graphics and backend scripts that are required to run the game.The development of the game has been done on Unity 3D game. The objective of the game is to get maximum kills(hits) and establish victory over other players. It is an arcade game, main aim is to amuse the audience. The agile methodology has been followed throughout the development of this project. Agile gives us the benefit of developing the project into increments called sprints which also helps us to monitor our progress.

Import, Exports and FDI have played an increasingly important role in India’s economic growth in the last decade. This analyses performance of India’s imports, exports and the various economic factors which have contributed to its growth. Analysis and visualization needs the data extraction, cleaning and mining of the data and finally present in form for report using by any reporting tool like R, Tableau etc.Different types of data set are first filtered and unstructured data set are structured by the help of Pig-Latin Compiler. After taking structured data only required columns are fetched by Pig-Latin Compiler and then load on table made in hive. Data loaded on Hive tables is analysed and then load on R for its graphical representation of the analysed data which is the final result and outcome.

According to a study conducted by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), over 68% of the milk in India has been found to be adulterated. There may be a high probability that the milk being sold by the retailers in the market may be diluted with detergent, caustic soda, glucose or some cheap oils.It is well known that today especially in our Indian market the milk that is being sold to the consumers has a high probability of being adulterated. Thus in order to deal with such problems, Our objective is to develop an android app that allows customer to purchase dairy products.

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