06 Oct,2017

"Youth Fest" Organized by Enigma Club

Voice Identification Event
In this event, the voice of the famous personalities was played and the participants had to guess the name of the personalities and answer the related questions.

Article Writing
The purpose of the event was just to test the writing skills of the participants. The participants had to write an article on the particular topic given to them.

Emphasised on the communicational and verbal ability of the participants , the event included a three minute speech on a particular topic by the participants. The mode of speech was impromptu.

Singing competition was organized to test the vocals of the participants. The genre of the music included classical music, Bollywood style, Folk music.

Mini Militia and Asphalt 8 gaming competition
The competition was just to judge the command of the participants on the latest games.
Poster Making Competition
The participants were provided a certain topic on which they had to make a poster.

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