31 May,2023

Debate competition on The Battle of Beliefs

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at GLBITM organized a prestigious debate competition titled "The Battle of Beliefs" on the 31st of May 2023. The event aimed to bring together talented debaters to engage in insightful discussions and promote critical thinking. Participants were invited to showcase their exceptional communication skills, analytical prowess, and passion for debate. The competition promised to be a platform where diverse perspectives would be exchanged, and valuable insights shared.

The debate competition took place in Room No. 322, located in Academic Block - 1 of the GLBITM campus. The event commenced at 3:00 pm and lasted until 4:30 pm. The participants, organizers, and attendees were greeted with enthusiasm and excitement as they gathered to witness the battle of beliefs unfold.

The competition featured a structured format that allowed participants to express their thoughts, challenge opposing viewpoints, and engage in rigorous debates. The topics for the debate were carefully selected to encourage critical thinking and explore various aspects of contemporary issues related to the field of computer science and engineering.

In conclusion "The Battle of Beliefs" debate competition organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at GLBITM was a resounding success. The event's success can be attributed to the diligent efforts of the organizers, the participation of talented debaters, and the support of the faculty and attendees. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at GLBITM remains committed to organizing such events in the future to nurture and promote intellectual growth among its students.


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