26 Nov,2021

Guest Lecture on My Success Story as an Innovator

The event started with introduction and a warm welcome of the guest, Ms. Shruti. After the introduction, Ms. Shruti started the session with a presentation about her group as well as the work done under it. In the lecture, Ms. Shruti introduced the group, ScrapTech with the motivation and thinking about starting the group and taking it as a business plan. Ms. Shruti told students that being an entrepreneur doesn't need any specific training or knowledge, it only needs focus of mind and clarity of the goal. Ms. Shruti explained her journey of being an entrepreneur and how the group ScrapTech is working continuously to achieve its goal. In the later stage, Ms. Shruti talked about innovation and told students about the basic steps to follow while going into innovation and also the parameters to be kept in mind like desirability, feasibility and viability to achieve a good success in any innovation. Also, Ms. Shruti told about many examples where students have innovated great things. Ms. Shruti, in her later talk, told about the works which are done by the group ScrapTech in the field of innovation and also what are the group’s future plans. Ms. Shruti cleared the mission and vision of her group which are to be focused while working in the group. Ms. Shruti motivated students to think differently and practically which has to be something creative and helping to the society as well. Ms. Shruti also announced an event which will be held in the Civil Engineering department shortly. At the end of the session, student’s doubts were cleared regarding innovation and going for any kind of entrepreneurship. The session ended with the vote of thanks for the speaker, fellow faculties and the students by Ms. Deepti Dohare, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department.


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