29 Jan,2020

How to Make Drone for Specific Applications

With the start of new semester another Hands on Session in the series of Guest lecture was added to MCA Department in G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida, on 29th January, 2020. The objective of the event was to give insights of making Drones, understanding of Drone design architecture hardware and software with specific application.

Dr. Hee Choon Kwon, Secretary General, National Association of Cognitive Science Industries, CEO Ultra Pilot, from Korea. He briefed about the Drone working and future in Drone Industry. The session was all about near future of Drone and AI. he told what is needed for making a drone and give understanding of drone architecture, required hardware and software with specific applications.

Dr. Kwon illustrated with the help of drone, using small chips camera, sensors and software applications one can solve many problems. like in human security, agriculture, predict weather, track criminals, delivery device etc. Drone can be implement as ambulance also. If we mix the Artificial Intelligence with drone them many goals can be achieved. Where the approach of human is not possible then Drone can be solution to this.
The session was very interesting and learn made the students enjoyed and gained a lot from this session.


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