06 Aug,2018

International Symposium - Japanese Management Strategies & Practices: Insights for Indian Managers

“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.”...Warren Bennis MBA Department organized an international symposium on “Japanese Management Strategies & Practices: Insights for Indian Managers.” on 06th August 2018. This event was graced by the very esteemed and dynamic Dr. (Prof) Justin Paul. He is a professor of marketing and international business with Rollins college-Florida, USA and the youngest full professor with the Graduate school of Business University of Puerto Rico, USA. Also, he has been associated with many premier institutions like University of Washington, Nagoya University of commerce and business-Japan and Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Dr. Paul works as the senior/associate editor with the SSCI journals like International Business Review, European J of International management and other prominent publications. He himself has published over 50 research papers and bestselling case studies with Ivey & Harvard. In his session Dr. Paul quoted practical examples from his work tenure in Japan and as to why our upcoming managers should adopt the Japanese management culture for both professional and effective and efficient growth. He explained about famous techniques like 5s methodology, Just-in-time, Kaizen and also the business culture and etiquettes of Japan. Some crucial insights as to why Japan even after being destroyed after World War 2 rose to be a leading economy was discussed.


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