17 Aug,2022

One day workshop on knowledge sharing at workplace

We believe that the world's biggest programming is life programming. Formulating & transforming the mind of a learner is innovative programming to receive and store the communicating data into the memory of the learner.
In this regard, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Development (CILD), GL Bajaj ITM Greater Noida has organized a workshop on “Knowledge sharing at workplace” dated 17th Aug. 2022. Purpose of the workshop was to share the knowledge/experience of individual interested employees among open gatherings. 
Workshop was started with the event introduction by Mrs. Priyanka Datta, Assistant Professor, EEE Department and addressed by Prof. Manas Kumar Mishra, Director-GL Bajaj ITM. Director sir discussed about sincerity and passion on the work assigned. He gave valuable suggessitions to the participants using various examples of best practices that should be accepted. Human being is designed in such way that he/she can transform him/herself in the required manner. 
After the address by Director sir, all the speakers presented and shared their thoughts/best practices.               Dr Satyendra Sharma, Prof. & Head ECE department shared his views on the topic “Role of Feedback in Teaching”. He discussed about the importance of feedback in Teaching Learning process and give valuable ideas to improve the feedback system. He stated that knowledge can be taken from anyone at any time/place.
The next speaker, Dr. Jay Singh, Professor, EEE Department shared his thoughts on the topic “Emotions Management and Work-Life Balance”. In his address he talked about the work life balance. He emphasized to balance your life by giving your valuable time to work, family, friends, health & spiritualty. He said that accept the circumstances to bring out the emotions leading to a peaceful mind. 
Then, Dr. Rashi Baliyan, Assistant Professor, MBA discussed about “Shoppable Content”. She discussed about new and modern ways working that uses technology transformation adapted by various companies to improve their marketing strategy.
Dr. Shalini Singh, Assistant professor, Applied Science and Humanities Department discussed about “Ameliorate Workspace with Compassion”.
Dr. Pankaj Goel, Associate Professor , Applied Science and Humanities Department shared the his profound knowledge about “Examination  and Attendance”. He gave suggestions for best examination practices.
Mr. Shivam Tiwari, Assistant professor , CSE Department shared his thoughts on the topic “Meaning of Life”. He started his session with a nice poetry and discussed about importance of hardwork in right path. 
A huge response reflected from the faculty and staff members in the workshop and faculty members have shared their best practices among the audience and it was seen that implementation of best practicess will enhance the quality of education and will enrich the learning and development in the campus.   
Ms. Deepti Dohare, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida concluded the event and gave the vote of thanks. The event was coordinated by Mrs. Priyanka Datta and Dr. Nagendra Kumar.


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