07 Jan,2022

Online debate competition on Classroom is Better than Virtual Learning

Department of Management Studies, organised debate competition on 7th January 2022 was a significant event that showcased the intellectual prowess and oratory skills of the participants.
The competition aimed to provide a platform for students to express their opinions, engage in critical thinking, and enhance their public speaking abilities. The competition began with preliminary rounds, where participating teams were assigned specific positions (for or against the motion) and presented their arguments within a designated time limit. The top-performing teams from the preliminary rounds advanced to the elimination rounds, which followed a knockout format until the final round.

The two best teams competed in the final round, where they presented their final arguments. The debate competition featured a distinguished panel of judges comprising industry experts, faculty members, and renowned debaters. The judges assessed the participants based on their content, delivery, logical reasoning, rebuttals, and overall presentation skills.
The winners and runners-up were awarded trophies, certificates, and cash prizes. Participants who reached the elimination rounds received certificates of participation. The event was successful in encouraging intellectual discourse and promoting effective communication among the participants. It served as a testament to the institute's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with the necessary skills for the future of management.


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