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Women Grievance Redressal Cell (WGRC)

The following committee has been formed against prevention of sexual harassment on women and provides a mechanism to redress women’s grievance:

S.No. Name of Faculty Member Designation
1 Dr. Madhu Gaur, Head – Department of MCA. Chairperson
2 Dr. Shivani Joshi, Prof., Deptt. Of Computer Science and Engineering. Member
3 Dr. Amrita Rai, Assoc. Prof., Deptt. Of  Electronics and Comm. Engg. Member
4 Dr. Bandana Priya, Assoc. Prof., Deptt. of Applied Sc. & Humanities. Member
5 Dr. Neha Tyagi Asstt. Prof., Deptt. of Information Technology. Member
6 Ms. Preeti Gangwar, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. Of Civil Engineering. Member
7 Ms. Priyanka Datta, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. Of Electrical and Electronics Engg. Member
8 Ms. Ruchika Vats, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. Of MBA. Member
9 Dr. Rashmi Mishra, Associate Professor, Applied Sc. & Humanities Member

Meeting Schedule: General Meeting once in the three months or as per the need.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To examine and grievance letter received from the women staff/ students regarding the sexual harassment.
  • To examine and investigate on each complaint received from the women staff/students by collecting the required information/data from connected people.
  • To give their recommendation to the Director for further action.
  • To counsel the women staff/students concerned/ to a possible solution for their grievances.
  • The committee will record such grievances received from the women staff/students, in a separate register maintained exclusively for this purpose.
  • Action taken by the committee to the women staff/students for grievance should also be recorded.
  • The committee should suggest a suitable solution a problems faced by the women staff/students in regards to matters relating to sexual harassment to the concerned authorities.

Head-WGRC is requested to hold a meeting of the committee every Friday between 03.00 P.M. to 04.00 P.M. in her Office to meet the girl students.


  • As per AICTE regulations (Clause 3 of the AICTE regulations, 2012), an Ombudsman has been appointed and a Grievance Redressal Committee is formed in the College in order to address the grievances of the students and parents.
  • Ombudsman: , Retired Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT BHU, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Contact Details : E-mail :


Students Grievance Committee:

Grievances of students related to academics and personal grievances of students within campus and hostel may be addressed to Head, Student Affairs. Email id:

S.No. Name of Faculty Member Designation
1 Dr. R.K. Mishra, Professor, Dean Students Welfare
Department of Applied Science & Humanities
2 Dr. Manvinder Singh, Professor
Department of Applied Science & Humanities
3 Mr. Rashmi Verma, Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Science & Humanities
4 Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To take corrective & effective measures to address students and parents Grievances.
  • To enhance learning and development of students with specific focus on students problems
  • To form and provide a mechanism to supervise activities of Students grievances
  • To provide right direction and counsel whenever required and guide them from improvement.



Grievance Redressal Committee (Staff)

Staff having any specific grievance concerned with their academic activity can address his/her problem to the Dean (Academic)/ Director in writing. Their grievances are routed through the Dean to the Director/Management. Genuine grievances of the staff are considered and remedial measures will be taken by the concerned departments/authorities.

S.No. Name of Faculty Member Designation
1 Prof. Prashant Mukherjee, Professor & Head – Department of Civil Engineering Head
2 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh, Associate Professor , Department of Electronics & Communication Member
3 Dr. Nigam Kumar, Associate Professor - Department of Applied Sc. & Humanities Member


Email id:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To collect all grievance reports from the staff.
  • To consolidate all the report and send the report to the Higher Authorities for perusal.
  • To take feedback to the staff concerned/solution for their grievances.


Plot No.2 , APJ Abdul Kalam Road, Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201306

Helpline No. 8010-000-234