08 Aug,2017

VLSI Design

An expert lecture on VLSI Design was organized by ECE Department of GLBITM, Gr. Noida on 8th Aug 2017, Mr. Vaibhav Mishra, from Xylinx SystemD, provided his views about the VLSI Design which is the future of electronics with recent trends.
The ultimate aim of the guest lecture was to explain and also to make student understand & realize how Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of creating an integrated circuit (IC) by combining billions of transistors into a single chip.
Also he delivers about history of VLSI that is the first integrated circuits held only a few devices, perhaps as many as ten diodes, transistors, resistors and capacitors, making it possible to fabricate one or more logic gates on a single device. Now known retrospectively as small-scale integration (SSI), improvements in technique led to devices with hundreds of logic gates, known as medium-scale integration (MSI). Further improvements led to large-scale integration (LSI), i.e. systems with at least a thousand logic gates. Current technology has moved far past this mark and today's microprocessors have many millions of gates and billions of individual transistors.


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