03 Feb,2018

Advance Programming Skills

“ we don’t get our best version , because we use to find out the skipping routes instead of doing hardwork”.
If we want to be a good programmer then we must have to feel the algorithms and programs in our daily life, only then we will start getting interest in this, its all abot our logical thinking.
The more we will interact with the programming langueges the more we will be familier with that.
We must not escape from this.
we must start from basic programs and if we got success in that ,then we should try to find out different ways to sove that very problem again and again.
“It is said that human being has his energy level in which he lives and feels the world ,only by practicing at his best, he can transform his energy level to the new level” And if it is about programming, once someone has got interest in programming he will enjoy it as much as a physics lover enjoys physics.
Each and every thing in this world is in demand to be programmable, so we have enough scope too in this field.
We have a number of examples in this world who were once normal students and at their college level only they became millionars like Mark Zuckerberg, and many more., they all were programmer loving and highly technological.
So it must be one of the important skills that we must have to learn, as in near future it will be the necessacity!


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