08 Jul,2016

FDP on “Soft Computing and Machine Learning Using MATLAB”

A FDP on “Soft Computing and Machine Learning Using MATLAB” was organized from 8th to 13th July, 2016. The main topics covered were:-
Hands-on experience on MATLAB (By Dr. Ayush Goyal)
Introduction to Image processing Using MATLAB (By Dr. Ayush Goyal)
Soft Computing and Application in Power System (By Dr. Madan Mohan Tripathi)
Introduction to soft computing And its Application (By Prof. D.K.Chaturvedi)

Some of the major topics covered were Starting MATLAB, Mathematical operations and functions, array operations, control flow and operators, Debugging M-file code. Complete image processing knowledge using MATLAB such as image display, Point Processing, Spatial Filtering, Noise Modeling etc. are covered during the session along with an introduction to soft computing and its general applications as well as applications in power system.


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