06 Aug,2019


Grant approved for Research projects in session 2018-19
S. No Type of funding Name of faculty Funding Agency Project name Amount Sanctioned Status Session
  Team Mr. Vinod Yadav UP-CST

Analysis of performance and design characteristics of tlud cook stove

20,000 Completed 2018-19
  Team Mr. Vinod Yadav UP-CST Design and fabrication of smart chair for spinal related problems 20,000 Completed 2018-19
  Team Mr.Anuj Gupta UP-CST Production of fuel from plastic waste using molecular deterioration process 20,000 Completed 2018-19
1 Individual Dr. V R Mishra Asian Productivity organization Capacity development need for 4.0 in India 3000 USD On-going 2018-19
2 Lead Institute Dr. V R Mishra
Mr. Ranjeet Singh
AKTU TEQIP-III Development of new composite bricks for commercial purpose 3,00,000/- On going 2018-19
3 Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastva
Dr. Shashi Prakash Dwivedi
AKTU TEQIP-III Near Netshape generation of Nano composite parts via stir casting and 3D- printing approach 3,00,000/- On going 2018-19
4 Networking Institute Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava AKTU TEQIP-III Simulation modeling synthesis of hybrid grain metal matrix composite by friction stir processing 3,00,000/- On going 2018-19
5 Dr. Shashi Prakash Dwivedi AKTU TEQIP-III Enhancement of machining performance of powder mixed electric discharge machining using bio-dielectric 3,00,000/- On going 2018-19
6 Dr. Sumit Tiwari AKTU TEQIP-III Experimental and theoretical investigation of single slope solar distiller unit coupled with CPC 3,00,000/- On going 2018-19
7 Lead Institute Dr. Shashi Prakash Dwivedi UP-CST Utilization of spent alumina catalyst (SAC) and Eggshell in development of aluminium based composite material 20000/- On going 2019-20
8 Lead Institute Dr. Shashi Prakash Dwivedi UP-CST Utilization of waste PET and marble dust in development of composite Material 20000/- On going 2019-20

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