29 Jan,2016


l10n, the numeronym for “localization”, is a computer tech-fest organized by the members of the ICONS Computer Clan. The event comprises of 9 various events, each focused on developing a different aspect of the technical knowledge possessed by the students.
List of Events
Programming – Participants will be given a set of problems with desired outputs, and will be expected to complete them in the given set of time. The participant with the most number of correct programming will be crowned the winner. (Team of 2)*
Quiz – There will be 2 rounds in this. The preliminary round will comprise of a written test. Participants chosen from that, will further compete in the buzzer round. The questions for the quiz will be based on anything and everything related to computers. (Team of 2)*
Group Discussion – A group discussion for all the minds that think they know everything. Topics will be provided on the spot. (Individual Event).
Debugging – Participants will be provided with a long code and their only tools would be a text editor and the power of their minds. No compilers/interpreters would be provided. The participants have to correct the code on their own, and the participant with the least errors would be announced the winner. (Team of 2)*
Crossword – A simple game of crossword with hints concerned with all the technicalities of a system. (Individual event)
Gaming – Participants will be taking part in multiple rounds of computer gaming in different genres. The last one standing will be the winner. (Individual Event)
Photography – Participants are supposed to bring their own cameras. They’ll be provided with a topic on the spot, and within an hour, they’ll have to submit their entry. The picture must be clicked inside the college premises. (Individual Event)
Decipher – The event comprises of a number of rounds, where the key to winning the round is located somewhere in the premises of the college. Participants will be provided with a clue for each round, and then they have to decipher or decode it within the given time limit.
Best App Idea – This is an online event. Participants are supposed to pick up any problem that the general public faces in their day to day lives, and design an idea for a mobile application that can help resolve it. (Individual Event)

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