M.Tech is a 2 year masters degree in engineering that provides the student the ability to understand principles of science and technology, solve problems and to continuously learn multidisciplinary concepts through syllabus. This course covers all aspects of technicality related to programming and software development.

Semester-I Semester-II
1 Foundation of Computer Science
2 Advanced Algorithm
3 Elective-I
Cloud Computing/ Embedded Systems/
Advanced Database/ Software Requirements & Specifications/Software Process & Management/Modeling and Simulation
4 Elective-II
Genetic Algorithms /Sensor Network/ Software Testing & Auditing/ Data Warehousing &Data Mining/Real Time Systems /Neural Networks
5 Research Process & Methodology
6 Lab-I Foundation of computer Science
7 Lab-II Advanced Algorithm
1 Multi Core Architecture and Programming
2 Wireless Mobile Networks
3 Elective-III
Machine Learning/ High Performance Networking/ Big Data Analytics/ Cyber Security and Laws/ Multimedia Systems/Software Metrics & Quality Assurance
4 Elective-IV
Robotics/ Data Centre Management/ Distributed Databases/ Digital Forensics/Software Project Planning & Management/Network Management
5 Elective-V
Digital Image Processing/ Storage Area Network/ Optical Networks/ Advanced Data Modeling/ Optimization Techniques/Professional Aspects in Software Engineering
6 Lab-III: Wireless & Mobile Networks
7 Seminar-I
Semester-III Semester-IV
1. Seminar-II
2. Dissertation
1. Dissertation(Final)



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