04 May,2020

International Webinar on Decision Tree Learning

On May 4th, 2020, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management Greater Noida has organized International Webinar on Decision tree learning by Prof. Sunil Vadera, University of Salford, Manchester, U.K.
Decision tree learning is one of the major success stories of AI. Recent research in this field has been influenced by realizing that human decision making is not focused solely on accuracy, but also takes account of the potential implications of a decision. This realisation has led to significant interest in developing cost-sensitive decision tree learning algorithms. The talk motivated about why this remains an important research topic and illuminated the characteristics of the algorithms that can help researchers position their own work and identify gaps for future research.

The talk begins with examples of applications in micro-finance and explosion relief venting, that motivated the presenter’s interest in this topic. This followed by an overview of early algorithms that make minor changes to the entropy based selection measure taught in most courses on AI, present use of genetic algorithms to evolve cost-sensitive trees, describe the use of bagging and boosting, and conclude with recent work that explores ideas such as non-linear trees and use of multi-arm bandits.


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