16 Sep,2022

Seminar on Integration of Solar in E & H vehicles - The biggest innovation in mobility

“There is always a solution to every challenging situation.” - Lailah Gifty Akita

Transportation sector is a significant contributor to high levels of air pollution in India (around 70%). Affordable strategies to minimalize the pollution is either by using clean source of energy for transportation or by strengthening the public transportation system. In an effort to improve the air quality index (AQI), the Government of India is working in both the directions. The use of clean sources of energy in transportation is making the usage of electric vehicles popular. The government is leaving no stone unturned to spread awareness about electric vehicles. The government has also announced subsidies and rebates on the procurement of electric vehicles.

Academic institutions are also actively contributing through research and innovation in this domain. GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida, one of the premier institutions in India, has established an EV club. The objective of this club is to spread awareness among students by organizing activities in this domain. Through these activities, students will be motivated to solve the problems in this domain by providing innovative solutions and paving the way for the wide usage of electric vehicles in our country. Electric Vehicle (EV) Club of G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management celebrated Engineers' Day by organising a seminar on Integration of Solar in E & H vehicles: the biggest innovation in mobility.

This session was presented by, Mr. Raghav Agarwal, Former Director, Rotomag Motors & Controls Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Alok Tripathi, Director, EV Minda Pvt. Ltd. (An alumnus of G.L.Bajaj) Mr. Raghav Agarwal discussed the applications of the latest technologies in the field of solar energy and how technology can create a boom in the agricultural sector. Therefore, he advised the smart integration of technologies for direct and indirect use of solar energy in the agriculture sector. Mr. Alok Tripathi, who has been awarded the E-mobility Award-2022 for the best EV Innovation, added his insight about BLDC motors, controllers, batteries and BMS prevailing in the field of Electric Vehicles. The seminar concluded with the idea of adoption of electric vehicles with integrated renewable energy which can serve the objective of air pollution reducation. The incorporation of renewable energy will make EVs significantly greener than conventional fuel vehicles. Distributed solar energy will aid in lowering transmission and distribution losses, which will further lower the lifetime Carbon dioxide emissions and operating costs of EVs and accelerate the commercial viability of those vehicles.

The students of EEE and ME department benefitted from the talks of the experts. To keep up with the latest trends, the electrical and mechanical engineers need to adapt to these strategies to utilize our country resources.


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