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1 .Net Framework with C# Programming Arora, Lalit Katson Books
2 1000 Java Tips Patchine, Alexandre
3 21st Century Job Search Breakthrough Strategies, Secrets and Free Resources Bradford, Mary Elizabeth Career Artisan Series
4 A to Z: Social Media Marketing Kasteler, Jordan Utah SEO
5 Accounting Fundamentals Macfarland, George Mc GrawHill
6 Accounting Principles Edwards, James Don Global Text
7 Acoustics And Architecture Sabine, Paul E Mc GrawHill
8 Adaptive Control Sastry, Shankar Prentice Hall
9 Adobe Photoshop for Intermediate Users Bark, Steve Bookboon
10 Algorithmic Information Theory Chaitin, Gregory J Cambridge University Press
11 Algorithms Dasgupta, S Prentice Hall
12 Algorithms and Data Structures Global Text
13 Algorithms and Data Structures Niklaus Mc GrawHill
14 Analog Communication Systems Sharma, Sanjay Katson Books
15 Analytical Mechanics for Engineers Seely, Fred B John Wiley & Sons
16 Anatomy of Ethical Leadership Langlois, Lyse AU Press
17 Antennas Schelkunoff, S A John Wiley & Sons
18 APJ Abdul Kalam's-Turning Points Rajpal Harper Collins India
19 Application of Hyperbolic Function to Electrical Engineering Problems Kennelly, A E Mc GrawHill
20 Applied Discrete Structures Doerr, Alan Pearson Education
21 Applied Mathematics by Example Pickles, Jeremy Bookboon
22 Applied Mechanics Poorman, Alfred P
23 Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials International TextBook Company International TextBook Company
24 Applied Statistics Shayib, Mohammed A Bookboon
25 Applied Thermodynamics Thirumaleshwar, M Bookboon
26 Applied Thermodynamics for Engineers Ennis, William D D Van Nostrand
27 Art of Programming Contest C Programming Data Structures Algorithms Arefin, Ahmed Shamsul Gyankosh Prokashni
28 Artificial Intelligence Teahan, William John Bookboon
29 Atmospheric Pollution Jones, J Clifford
30 Atoms, Molecules and Matter McWeeny, Roy
31 Automation and Robotics Boboulos, Miltiadis A Bookboon
32 Aviation Safety Wild, Brandon W
33 Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery Ingram, Grant Bookboon
34 Basic Physical Chemistry Schärtl, Wolfgang Bookboon
35 Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry Roberts, John D W A Benjamin Inc
36 Basic Thermodynamics Thirumaleshwar, M Bookboon
37 Basic Thermodynamics Software Solutions – Part II Thirumaleshwar, M Bookboon
38 Basic Thermodynamics Software Solutions Part III Thirumaleshwar, M Bookboon
39 Basic VLSI Design Pucknell, Douglas A PHI Learning
40 Basics of Accounting & Information Processing Walther, Larry M Bookboon
41 Best Transportation System in the World Rose, M H The Ohio State University Press
42 Bioinformatics Rastogi, S C C B S Publishers
43 Bioinorganic Chemistry Bertini, Ivano University Science Books
44 Biological Signal Analysis Palaniappan, Ramaswamy Bookboon
45 Boundary Element Methods for Engineers Fenner, Roger Bookboon
46 Building Your Network Business Satterlee, David Wordsmith Services
47 Bureaucracy Mises, Ludwig von Yale University Press
48 Business Ethics Klimsza, Lucjan Bookboon
49 Business Information Systems Hardcastle, Elizabeth Bookboon
50 Business Processes and Information Technology Gelinas, Ulric Global Text
51 Business Statisttics Gupta, S P S. Chand
52 C Programming in Linux Haskins, David Bookboon
53 C++ for C Programmers Kalnay, J T JT Kalnay
54 C++ Hackers Guide Oualline, Steve
55 CAD-CAM and Rapid Prototyping Application Evaluation Boboulos, Miltiadis A Bookboon
56 Calculus II Bronstein, Albert Bookboon
57 Chemical Engineering Vocabulary Lackner, Maximilian Bookboon
58 Chemical Thermodynamics Lue, Leo Bookboon
59 Chemistry Bewick, S CK-12 Foundation
60 Chemistry for Chemical Engineers Fletcher, Ashleigh J Bookboon
61 Circuit Theory Wikibooks
62 Climate and Transportation Solutions Institute of Transpotation Studies Institute of Transpotation Studies
63 Cloud Design Patterns Homer, Alex Microsoft Press
64 College Physics I Gebreselasie, Daniel Bookboon
65 Communications, Industrial Networking and TCPIP IDC Technologies Bookboon
66 Competitive Advaantage through Information Technology Callon, J D Mc GrawHill
67 Compiler Design Kakde, O G Laxmi Publication
68 Compiler Design Sharma, Gajendra Katson Books
69 Complete Reference C# Schildt, Herbert Mc GrawHill
70 Computational Fluid Dynamics Sayma, Abdulnaser Bookboon
71 Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra Shoup, Victor Cambridge University Press
72 Computer Architecture and Organization Hayes, John P Mc GrawHill
73 Computer Arithmetic of Geometrical Figures Khmelnik, Solomon I MiC
74 Computer Graphics Harrington, Steven Mc GrawHill
75 Computer Organization Keshari, Vivek Katson Books
76 Computer Science Tapestry Astrachan, Owen L Mc GrawHill
77 Concepts in Electric Circuits Naeem, Wasif Bookboon
78 Concise Environmental Engineering Han, Dawei
79 Concise History of Chemistry Hilditch, Thomas Percy D Van Nostrand
80 Concise Notes on Data Structures and Algorithms Fox, Christopher Bookboon
81 Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Twelvetrees, W Noble I Pitman and Sons
82 Concurrent Programming in Erlang Armstrong, Joe Prentice Hall
83 Conflict Management in the Workplace Connon, Shay Mc How To Books Ltd
84 Construction Financial Management Tang, S L Bookboon
85 Constructive Nonlinear Control Sepulchre, R Springer
86 Control and Nonlinearity Coron, Jean Michel American Mathematical Society
87 Control Engineering Problems with Solutions Atherton, Derek P Bookboon
88 Core Concepts of Marketing Burnett, John Global Text
89 Cryogenic Engineering Software Solutions Part-I Thirumaleshwar, M Bookboon
90 Cryptography and Network Security Kahate, Atul Mc GrawHill
91 Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Modeling: Theory and Algorithms Gallier, Jean University of Pennsylvania
92 Customer Relationship Management Baran, Roger J Bookboon
93 Cyclostationarity in Communications and Signal Processing Gardner, William A IEEE Press
94 Data Conversion Handbook Kester, Walt ed. Newnes
95 Data Mining and Analysis Zaki, Mohammed J Cambridge University Press
96 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ Shaffer, Clifford A Dover Publications
97 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java Shaffer, Clifford A Dover Publications
98 Data Structures and Algorithms Barnett, Granville
99 Data Structures and Algorithms Using C Salaria, R S Khanna Publishers
100 Database Design and Implementation Gould, Howard Bookboon
101 Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce Lin, Jimmy Morgan and Claypool Publishers
102 Differential Equations in Applied Chemistry Hitchcock, F L John Wiley & Sons
103 Digital Signal Processing Husain, Farooq Umesh Publications
104 Digital Systems Design Palaniappan, Ramaswamy Bookboon
105 Digraphs Bang-Jensen, Jorgen Springer
106 Discrete Distributions Mejlbro, Leif Bookboon
107 Discrete Event Control of Stochastic Networks Altman, Eitan Springer
108 Discrete Mathematics with Algorithms Albertson, M O John Wiley & Sons
109 Discrete Structure Pundir, Sudhir K Jai Prakash Nath
110 Distributed Control of Robotic Networks Bullo, Francesco Princeton University Press
111 Drilling Fluid Engineering Skalle, Pal Bookboon
112 Dynamical Theory of Sound Lamb, Horace
113 Dynamics and Relativity Tong, David
114 Earthquake Engineering for Concrete Dams National Research Council National Academic Press
115 Economic Concepts Basu, Ratan Lal
116 Electric Drive Dimensioning and Tuning Vodovozov, Valery Bookboon
117 Electric Drive Systems and Operation Vodovozov, Valery Bookboon
118 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Materials Gupta, Navneet Dhanpat Rai & Co
119 Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments Gupta, J B Katson Books
120 Electrical Power Pooler, W J R H Bookboon
121 Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers Carter, Richard Bookboon
122 Electronic Commerce Watson, R T Global Text
123 Electronics and Computing in Textiles Bookboon
124 Elementary Applied Mechanics Alexander, T Macmillan Publishing Co.
125 Elementary Dynamics: Landon, J W Cambridge University Press
126 Elements of Power System Analysis Stevenson, William D Mc GrawHill
127 Embedded Systems Wikibooks Wikibooks
128 Emotional Intelligence MTD Training Bookboon
129 Energy Conversion Weston, Kenneth PWS
130 Engineering Fluid Mechanics Shemmeri, T Al Bookboon
131 Engineering Fluid Mechanics Solution Manual Shemmeri, T Al Bookboon
132 Engineering Mathematics Ramana, B V Mc GrawHill
133 Engineering Mathematics Tisdell, Christopher C Bookboon
134 Engineering Mechanics of Solids Louis L Mc GrawHill
135 Engineering Thermodynamics Shemmeri, T Al Bookboon
136 Engineering Thermodynamics Solutions Manual Shemmeri, T Al Bookboon
137 Equity Market Faure, A P Bookboon
138 Essential Engineering Mathematics Batty, Michael Bookboon
139 Essentials of Chemistry Beier, Soren Prip Bookboon
140 Essentials of Macroeconomics Jochumzen, Peter Bookboon
141 Essentials of Microeconomics Ahlersten, Krister Bookboon
142 Exercises in Drilling Fluid Engineering Skalle, Pal Bookboon
143 Feedback Control Theory Doyle, John Macmillan Publishing Co.
144 Financial Institutions Faure, A P Bookboon
145 Finite Dimensional Linear Systems Brockett, Roger W John Wiley & Sons
146 Finite-element Methods for Electromagnetics Humphries, Stanley Field Precision
147 First Course in Fluid Mechanics for Engineers Hewakandamby, Buddhi N Bookboon
148 First Course on Aerodynamics Roy, Arnab Bookboon
149 First Steps with Embedded Systems Byte Craft Limited Byte Craft Limited
150 Flexible Enterprise Gewirtz, David John Wiley & Sons
151 Fluid Mechanics and the Theory of Flight Johnson, R S Bookboon
152 Foundation in Digital Communication Lapidoth, Amos Cambridge University Press
153 Foundation of Physics for Scientists and Engineers : Volume I: Mechanics, Heat and Sound Fazely, Ali R Bookboon
154 Foundations of Computer Science Aho, Al W. H. Freeman
155 Foundations of Databases Abiteboul, Serge
156 Foundations of Mechanics Abraham, Ralph Addison Wesley
157 Fractional Graph Theory Scheinerman, Edward R John Wiley & Sons
158 From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory Wilde, Mark M arXiv
159 Fundamental Engineering Optimization Methods Iqbal, Kamran Bookboon
160 Fundamentals of communication, P.R. and leadership Piperopoulos, Georgios P Bookboon
161 Fundamentals of Construction Management Windapo, Abimbola Bookboon
162 Fundamentals of Hydrogen Safety Engineering I Molkov, Vladimir Bookboon
163 Fundamentals of Refrigeration Thermodynamics Micallef, Daniel Bookboon
164 Fundamentals of Salesmanship Brisco, Norris Arthur D. Appleton and company
165 Fundamentals of Software Engineering Mall, Rajib Prentice Hall of India
166 Fundamentals of Transportation Wikibooks Wikibooks
167 Fundamentals of Wireless Communication Tse, David Cambridge University Press
168 Fusion Physics Kikuchi, Mitsuru ed IAEA
169 General Biology Burlingame, Leonas Lancelot Henry Holt and Company
170 Generatingfunctionology Wilf, Herbert S Academic Press
171 Get Digital Cordock, Richard Parkes ELW Publishing Bath
172 Graph Theory With Applications Bondy, J A Elsevier
173 Guide to ERP Sneller, Lineke RC Bookboon
174 Heart of Corporate Social Responsibility Challis, Peter Bookboon
175 Heat Transfer Long, Chris Bookboon
176 Heat Transfer Textbook Lienhard, John H  IV Phlogiston Press
177 How to do the Final Year Projects Hassani, Hossein Bookboon
178 How to think like a Computer Scientist Downey, Allen B Creative Commons
179 How to Write an Essay by Alan Barker Barker, Alan Bookboon
180 How to Write Parallel Programs Carriero, Nicholas
181 How We Got Here Kessler, Andy Collins Business
182 HR2025 Human Resource Management in the Future Timms, Perry Bookboon
183 Human Relations Dias, Laura The Saylor Foundation
184 Human Resource Management Joshi, Manmohan Bookboon
185 Hydrostatics and Pneumatics Magnus, Philip Longmans
186 I Still Can't Speak English West, Jason Bookboon
187 Imagining the Future City Ubiquity Press
188 In Defense of Advertising Kirkpatrick, Jerry TLJ Books
189 Industrial Automation IDC Technologies Bookboon
190 Information Systems for Business and Beyond Bourgeois, David T Saylor Foundation
191 Information Technology for Management Lucas, Henry C Global Text
192 Inorganic Chemistry Saito, Taro Kanagawa University
193 Integration and Differential Equations Johnson, R S Bookboon
194 Internal Combustion Engine Mathur, M L Dhanpat Rai & Co
195 International Trade Theory and Evidence Markusen, James Mc GrawHill
196 Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs Contreras, Melissa Bookboon
197 Introducing Windows 8 Honeycutt, Jerry Microsoft Press
198 Introduction in Ship Hydromechanics Journee, J M J Delft University of Technology
199 Introduction to Arduino Smith, Alan
200 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Patterson, Dan W PHI Learning
201 Introduction to Automata Theory and  Formal Languages Pandey, Adesh K Variety Books Publishers Distributers
202 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics for Engineers Bowen, Ray M Springer
203 Introduction to Design Analysis of Algorithms Rao, K Raghava Smashwords
204 Introduction to Digital Signal and System Analysis Wang, Weiji Bookboon
205 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Karl, John H Academic Press
206 Introduction to Electronic Engineering Vodovozov, Valery Bookboon
207 Introduction to Embedded Systems Lee, Edward A
208 Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata Linz, Peter Narosa Publishing House
209 Introduction to Information Retrieval Manning, C D Cambridge University Press
210 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry Nelson, Peter G Bookboon
211 Introduction to Matlab Ahlersten, Krister Bookboon
212 Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry Marsden, Jerrold E Springer
213 Introduction to Mechanics of Materials Part- II Janco, Roland Bookboon
214 Introduction to Mechanics of Materials Part-1 Janco, Roland Bookboon
215 Introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems Atherton, Derek Bookboon
216 Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology Mustafa, Akay Bookboon
217 Introduction to Polymer-Matrix Composites Akay, Mustafa Bookboon
218 Introduction to Power Electronics Vodovozov, Valery Bookboon
219 Introduction to Relational Database Theory Darwen, Hugh Bookboon
220 Introduction to Signal Processing Orfanidis, Sophocles J Pearson Education
221 Introduction to Soft Computing Volna, Eva Bookboon
222 Introduction to Statics and Dynamics Ruina, Andy Cornell University
223 Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis with R Kohl, Matthias Bookboon
224 Introduction to the Mechanics of Fluids Barton, Edwin H Longmans
225 Introduction to Theory of Computation Maheshwari, Anil Carleton University
226 Introduction to Vectors Tisdell, Christopher C Bookboon
227 Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Templeton,Michael R Bookboon
228 Introduction to Web Services with Java Tran, Kiet T Bookboon
229 Introductory Algebra Pitzer, Edward W Bookboon
230 Introductory Electromagnetics Popovic, Zoya Prentice Hall
231 Introductory Finite Methods for PDEs Causon, D M Bookboon
232 Introductory Finite Volume Methods for PDEs Causon, D M Bookboon
233 Intrusion Detection with SNORT Rehman, Rafeeq Ur Pearson Education
234 Investments Faure, A P Bookboon
235 Isometric Drawing Jamison, Alpha Pierce Mc GrawHill
236 Java 2 programming Black Book Holzner, Steven Dreamtech Press
237 Java Application Development on Linux Albing, Carl Pearson Education
238 Java Classes in Java Applications Etheridge, David Bookboon
239 Java Language Specification Gosling, James Oracle
240 Java: Graphical User Interfaces Etheridge, David Bookboon
241 JavaScript Enlightenment Lindley, Cody
242 Keywords in Creative Writing Bishop, Wendy Utah State University Press
243 Kinematics and Kinetics of Machinery Dent, John A John Wiley & Sons
244 Knapsack Problems Martello, Silvano John Wiley & Sons
245 Lecture notes on Fundamentals of Combustion Powers, Joseph M University of Notre Dame
246 Lectures on Computational Fluid Dynamics Kornev, Nikolai Bookboon
247 Lectures on The Finite Element Method ciarlet, Ph Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
248 Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance Boyd, Stephen Prentice Hall
249 Making Games with Python and Pygame Sweigart, Al Creative Commons
250 Managerial and Cost Accounting Walther, Larry M Bookboon
251 Managing for Productivity in the Hospitality Industry Mill, Robert Christir Global Text
252 Managing Linux Systems with Webmin Cameron, Jamie Prentice Hall
253 Managing Risk and Information Security Harkins, Malcolm Apress
254 Managing the New Frontiers Scott, Jonathan T Management Education Service
255 Manufacturing Processes and Materials: Exercises Boboulos, Miltiadis A Bookboon
256 Marketing Communications Kayode, Olujimi Bookboon
257 Mastering HTML 4 Ray, Deborah S BPB Publications
258 Mastering Java Script and JScript Jaworski, James BPB Publications
259 Mastering Strategic Management Ketchen, Dave The Saylor Foundation
260 Mathematical Control Theory: Deterministic Finite Dimensional Systems Sontag, Eduardo D Springer
261 Mathematical Illustrations Casselman, Bill Cambridge University Press
262 Mathematical Linguistics Kornai, Andras Springer
263 Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Science Howe, M S Boston University
264 Mathematics for computer Scientists Janacek, Gareth J Bookboon
265 Mechanical Drawing Problems Berg, Edward The Manual Arts Press
266 Mechanical Drawing, Elementary and Advanced Reid, John S John Wiley & Sons
267 Mechanical Metallurgy Dieterm, George E Mc GrawHill
268 Mechanics Boyd, James E Mc GrawHill
269 Mechanics Crowell, Benjamin Creative Commons
270 Mechanics Osgood, William Fogg The MacMillan Company
271 Mechanics Sanborn, Frank Berry John Wiley & Sons
272 Mechanics Applied to Engineering Goodman, John Longmans, Green, and Co.
273 Mechanics of Engineering Church, Irving Porter John Wiley & Sons
274 Mechanics of Materials Vable, Madhukar Michigan Technological University
275 Mechanics of Solids and Fracture Kim, Ho Sung Bookboon
276 MicroprocessorDesign Wikibooks
277 Mining of Massive Datasets Leskovec, Jure
278 Mining of Massive Datasets Rajaraman, Anand
279 Modern Introductory Mechanics Wilcox, Walter Bookboon
280 Modern Microeconomics Rode, Sanjay Bookboon
281 Modern Power System Analysi Kothari, D P Mc GrawHill
282 Molecular Conformations Wood, Christopher Bookboon
283 Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer Lue, Leo Bookboon
284 Money and Monetary Policy in an Open Economy Monadjemi, Mehdi Bookboon
285 Multimedia: Making It Work Vaughan, Tay Mc GrawHill
286 Myths and Realities of Teamwork Wright, David Bookboon
287 Networks and Systems Choudhury, D Roy New Age International
288 Newton's Principia Newton, Isaac Sir Daniel Adee
289 Non-Conventional Energy Resources Saeed, S Hasan Katson Books
290 Object Oriented Programming in ANSI-C Schreiner, Axel Tobias Axel-Tobias Schreiner
291 Object Oriented Programming using C# Kendal, Simon Bookboon
292 Object Oriented Programming using Java Kendal, Simon Bookboon
293 Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI-C Schreiner, Axel Tobias
294 Operating Systems Shukla, Vijay Katson Books
295 Operations Research Gupta, Prem Kumar S. Chand
296 Operations Research Swarup, Kanti S. Chand
297 Operations Strategy James, Ted Bookboon
298 Optimal Control: Linear Quadratic Methods Anderson, B D O Prentice Hall
299 Optimal Filtering Anderson, B D O Prentice Hall
300 Optimum Signal Processing Orfanidis, Sophocles J Mc GrawHill
301 Organic Chemistry Perkin, W H F S  Kipping  Chambers
302 Organic Chemistry Roberts, John D W A Benjamin Inc
303 Organizational Theory Lægaard, Jørgen Bookboon
304 Overview of Safety Instrumented Systems IDC Technologies Bookboon
305 Parallel and Distributed Computation Bertsekas, Dimitri Athena Scientific
306 Passion for Ideas Pierer, H von Purdue University Press
307 Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems Pont, Michael J Pearson Education
308 Personal Confidence & Motivation MTD Training Bookboon
309 Photosynthesis Govindjee Wiley
310 Physical Chemistry Moore, Walter John
311 Planning Algorithms LaValle, Steven M Cambridge University Press
312 Policing Cyber Crime Gottschalk, Petter Bookboon
313 Pollution Prevention and Control (Part-I) Berthouex, Paul Mac
314 Polymer Science and Engineering Committee on Polymer Science and Engineering National Academic Press
315 Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses Hill, Robert Alan Bookboon
316 Power Systems Protection Power Quality and Substation Automation IDC Technologies Bookboon
317 Practical Astronomy Hosmer, George L John Wiley & Sons
318 Practical Introduction to 3D Game Development Jaffal, Yasser Bookboon
319 Practical Organic and Biochemistry Plimmer, R Longmans
320 Practical Organic Chemistry Cohen, Julius Berend Macmillan Press
321 Principles of Compiler Design Aho, Alfred V Narosa Publishing House
322 Productivity Improvement in Building Life Cycle Mbachu, Jasper Bookboon
323 Profit Upgrade Cordock, Richard Parkes ELW Publishing Bath
324 Programming in C# Balagurusamy, E Tata McGraw-Hill
325 Programming on Parallel Machines Matlo, Norm Creative Commons
326 Programming Windows 8 Brockschmidt, Kraig Microsoft Press
327 Project Leadership (Part-I) Jessen, Svein Arne Bookboon
328 Project Leadership (Part-II) Jessen, Svein Arne Bookboon
329 Quality Management Knowles, Graeme Bookboon
330 Quantitative Analysis Wacha, Donna M Bookboon
331 Quantitative Aptitude Aggarwal, R S S. Chand
332 Quantitative Aptitude Trishna Knowledge Systems Pearson Education
333 Quest for Artificial Intelligence Nilsson, Nils J Cambridge University Press
334 Radiation Oncology Physics Podgorsak, E B IAEA
335 Real Time Systems Liu, Jane W S Pearson Education
336 Refrigeration Carson, James K Bookboon
337 Reinforced Concrete Rings, Frederick Batsford
338 Remodeling Reality Corwin, Mike Bookboon
339 Risk and Project Management eBook for IT Professionals Cochran, Jim ContractEdge LLC
340 Robust Control: The Parametric Approach Bhattacharyya, S P Prentice Hall
341 Sanitation & Water Supply in Low-income Countries Evans, Barbara Bookboon
342 Self-Confidence at Work Lyczkowska, Kasia Bookboon
343 Sell and Grow Rich Stuberg, Robert Success Systems International
344 Selling IBM's Innovative Solutions IBM IBM.Com/Redbooks
345 Semantic Web and Ontology Nandini, Dhana Bookboon
346 Signal Processing for Communications Prandoni, Paolo EFPL Press
347 Software Project Management Hughes, Bob Mc GrawHill
348 Software Solutions to Problems on Heat Transfer Thirumaleshwar, M Bookboon
349 Statistics for Business and Economics Fernandes, Marcelo Bookboon
350 Steam-turbine Principles and Practice Mc GrawHill
351 Step by Step R Tutorial Roux, Niel J LE Bookboon
352 Stochastic Systems Estimation, Identification and Adaptive Control Kumar, P R Prentice Hall
353 Strategic Financial Management Hill, Robert Alan Bookboon
354 Strategic Management Ritson, Neil Bookboon
355 Strength of Materials Khurmi, R S S. Chand
356 Structured Programming with C++ Backman, Kjell Bookboon
357 Talent Management Merlevede, Patrick Bookboon
358 Techniques of Applied Mathematics Fowler, Andrew Oxford University Press
359 Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Thomas, Brychan Bookboon
360 Temporal Database Management Jensen, Christian S Aalborg University
361 Test your C Skills Kanetkar, Yashavant BPB Publications
362 Textbook of Discrete Mathematics Sarkar, Swapan Kumar S. Chand
363 Textbook of Electrical Engineering Materials Rajput, R K Laxmi Publication
364 Textbook of Engineering Mathematics Sem.-III/IV Bali, N P University Science Press
365 Textbook of Engineering Mechanics Bansal, R K Laxmi Publication
366 Textbook of Physical Chemistry Lincoln, Azariah Thomas D C Heath & Co
367 The People's Physics Book Dann, James H SCIPP
368 Theoretical Mechanics Smith, Percey F GINN AND COMPANY
369 Theory of  Sound Strutt, John William Macmillan Publishing Co.
370 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages Pundir, Sudhir K Pragati Prakashan
371 Theory of Relational Databases Maier, David Computer Science Press
372 Theory of waves in materials Rushchitsky, Jeremiah Bookboon
373 Thermal Processing of Waste Jones, J C Bookboon
374 Thermokinetics Etkin, V A viXra
375 Think DSP Downey, Allen B Green Tea Press
376 Transformer practice : manufacture, assembling, connections, operation and testing Taylor, William Thomas Mc GrawHill
377 Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing Dorkin, Joshua Bigger Pockets Publishing
378 Understanding XML A Software Development Approach Hassani, Hossein Bookboon
379 Unfolding the Labyrinth Smarandache, F
380 Urban Transportation Networks Sheffi, Yosef Prentice Hall
381 Urban Travel Demand Domencich, Tom North-Holland Publishing
382 Using Technology to Study Cellular and Molecular Biology National Institute of Health National Institute of Health
383 VB.NET Programming Mkaatr Mkasoft
384 VHDL Primer Bhasker, J Pearson Education
385 Water Resource Management Lükenga, Walter Bookboon
386 Water Waves Interscience Publishers
387 Waves Coulson, C A Oliver And Boyd
388 Wind Turbines Shemmeri, T Al Bookboon
389 Windows 8.1 Mason, Pert Bookboon
390 Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Press
391 Women’s Business Leong, Sandy Bookboon
392 Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms Petzold, Charles Microsoft Press
393 Introducing SQL Server 2016 Verga, Stacia Microsoft Press
394 Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals Bott, E D Microsoft Press
395 MSP430 Microcontroller Basics Davies, John H Newnes
396 MSP430x5xx Family User's Guide Texas Instruments Texas Instruments
397 Step by Step Instructions to Develop miBEAT Cardea Labs Cardea Biomedical Technologies

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