MEDCOM 2020 | International Conference on Smart Communication and Imaging Systems
International Conference MEDCOM2020

International Conference
Modern Electronics Devices and Communication systems
Organised by
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida
Oct 29th - 31st, 2021

MEDCOM 2021 GL Bajaj
Paper Submission Deadline : 25 September, 2021 (Extended)

About the Conference

Innovation and Research in a broad area of Modern Electronics and communication Engineering needs to enhance its capabilities for recent challenges. Recent advances in different domains like Sensor Technologies, Electronic devices, Wireless Communications, Signal processing, Computer Vision Medical Image, Data Processing and globalization of digital society across various social areas have intensified the growth of sustainable electronics and communication systems. To effectively maintain a sustainable environment it is constantly needed to meet the quality of service requirements of the emerging smart ICT applications. In this perspective, this International Conference brings together the state-of-the-art research works to propose novel architectures, models, and algorithms for solving the emerging challenges in almost all the areas of Modern electronics devices and communication systems. Real time analysis in communication system and VLSI Design along prerequisite controls with AI/ML will be more attraction in this conference

The conference aims to bring teachers, researchers, scientists, engineers and scholars together, where they will exchange and share their experiences, new ideas and research results about all aspects of mentioned areas. This conference will also present a strong fostering integration between modern electronics devices, communication & computational technologies. The global dependence in almost every sphere of human activity on computational analysis in modern era cannot be over emphasized. These trends are bound to increase with more and more new applications in the field of finance, marketing, health care, education etc. which are coming under the gambit of computers.

The Three days conference will include talks/tutorials by experts from industry, academia and research organizations. Papers (full paper, work-in-progress, novel idea), poster presentation on various topics related to conference theme are invited. Based on the papers selected for presentation, technical sessions for paper presentation will be scheduled on both the days. Exhibits will be arranged for demonstration of prototypes, models, systems, devices, processes.

MEDCOM 2020 | GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management