10 Jun,2019

Workshop on Automobile Engineering including “On the Job Training”

A five day workshop on Automobile Engineering including “On the Job Training” was conducted by the Mechanical Engineering Department at GL BAJAJ for the 15 selected students. The workshop started with lamp lightening and Saraswati Vandana at 9:30 AM at Seminar hall. The welcome address was delivered by Dr SS Chauhan, Professor of Mechanical Engineering department. A warm welcome was extended to the guest speaker Air Commodore SS Saxena VSM,(Air force). He is presently running AutoWings Training & consultancy at Greater Noida.
Dr V R Mishra, HOD the on the importance of such programs which helps the students to understand subjects with practical demonstrations and make the classroom teaching strong. Dr Chauhan informed that the purpose of organizing such program not only have acquired extensive and deep knowledge and conceptual understanding, but also are skilled at discerning, identifying, and retrieving knowledge that is relevant to the solution of a particular problem in Automobile Industry.
The aim and objectives of this workshop are:-
• To provide an overview and impart theoretical knowledge on some of the major aspects concern to a modern automobiles.
• Video demonstration on functioning of the major components of a modern automobile.
• “On the Job” demonstration and working knowledge on identification of the components, process for understand and rectify likely faults encountered by a car owner.
• A modern MPFI car was arranged and taken to the College Workshop along with a trained Technician at AUTOWINGS to facilitate conducting “On The Job” training and orientation to the students.

The workshop was conducted for about six hours every day and broadly covered the subjects as follows:-
DAY ONE-10 JUNE 2019
• The need for realistic On the Job training in the Engineering Colleges to prepare the students professionally competent for placement in workshops or for starting own business, specially under the current Skill Development Program.
• A short overview on the efforts made by AUTOWINGS in this direction since 2007.

The need for following developing traits for overall development and success in life:-
1. Turn Out
2. Professional Knowledge and ITS APPLICATION
3. Reliability Factor (Time Management)

1. Affability
2. Acceptability
3. Affordability

1. May Know
2. Should Know
3. Must Know

1. Ability to speak correctly
2. Pronunciation
3. Delivery of Speech and Modulation

The main idea was to encourage the students to realize that unless a person goes through the practical application of theoretical knowledge, he will not be able to effectively supervise or control the other team workers. Some or most of the workers are likely to exploit this gap to their advantage of applying short cuts or unhealthy practices. It is essential to have facilities for ON THE JOB or AT HAND training facilities in whatever field you are being trained.
2. DAY Two -11 JUNE 2019
• Following topics were covered in theory as well as through series of related short videos on each subject:-
Working of Four stroke MPFI engine
i. Firing order of the engine
ii. How pistons work and their shape etc
iii. Recognition of the inner parts of the engine
iv. Oil Pump and its function
v. Engine Missing
vi. Function of Water Pump
vii. Analysis of water pump
viii. Coolant and how it helps cooling
ix. Coolant Filling
x. Air Filter and how this is changed
xi. Oil Filter
xii. Check lists for different procedures.

3. DAY Three -12 JUNE 2019
• Complete suspension system of a modern Car along with explanation of all associated information like chassis, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, electrical and mechanical power steering systems, tyres and their wear, major components of suspension system etc.
• ON THE JOB DEMONSTRATION of complete front and rear suspension replacement in a car positioned at the College Workshop.

4. DAY Four -13 JUNE 2019
• Cooling System, its importance, damage to the engine in the event of its failure, components of the cooling system, elbows, radiator and it design , water pump and electrical sensors incorporated in modern cars.
• Video demonstration on complete function of the cooling system, including explanation of the coolant, radiator cap, relation of cooling system with air conditioning, damage on account of cooling system failure.
• Complete Braking System in modern cars, Master cylinder and its working Booster system and its operation, Disk and shoe brake pads, Caliper ABS, EBD and their meaning and application for greater safety on the roads, Associated sensors and their function, Air Conditioning, Working of Diesel Cars.
• Video demonstration on each of the above and other associated subjects to make the students fully comprehend each topic.

5. DAY Five- 14 JUNE 2019
• Clutch System, its components, Clutch plate, its wear and relation to engine performance. Over heating etc.
• Mechanical and hydraulic clutch systems.
• Fly Wheel and its relation to clutch.
• Gear Box, its functioning and demonstration for various components in conventional and Automatic transmission systems.
• Overview on Door Mechanism and other major components in the car.
• Video Demonstration of each of the related subjects.
• Feedbacks from the students were taken and recorded.
In final analysis, the workshop was a great success and was warmly welcomed and actively participated by the students.


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